Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! You can participate in any contest as a private candidate by registration form available on ICA website.

Please, make sure that your Registration form must reach ICA office on time and before the closing date. Registration form received after the deadline will not be entertained.

All the important deadlines are mentioned on the Schedule available on ICA website under the heading of Contests.

The registration fee can only be sent to International Contests & Assessments in the form of Deposit slip / Bank Draft / Pay Order / Online.

The registration fee cannot be accepted in any form other than Deposit slip/ Bank Draft / Pay Order / Online.

You can get it from any HABIB BANK limited of Pakistan in the favour of “International Contests & Assessments “.

Please get your Deposit Slip / Pay Order/Bank Draft prepared in favor of “International Contests & Assessments”.

Rs 1500 /- Candidate for each contest.

Grade 3 to Grade 12 for VANDA (Science).

Grade 2 to Grade 12 for all other Contests.

It can be online or paper base.

Participants who are registering through Institute/Schools can submit their registration fee to their Concern teacher.

Participants who are registering by their own can submit their registration fee to the bank mentioned on the registration form.

By using Mobile banking take a screenshot and attach it with the registration form


Visit any nearest HBL Branch to pay the fee online submitted in favor of “INTERNATIONAL CONTESTS & ASSESSMENTS”.


Please send all your questions and comments to info@ica.net.pk or call directly to ICA Management +92-300-4266810+92-324-4222377+92-423-12109. Your queries will be addressed straight away.

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