SASMO (SINGAPORE and ASIAN Schools Mathematics Olympaid


SASMO, which began in 2006, is one of Asia's major math competitions. SASMO 2019 had almost 34 000 attendees from 21 nations. We already have over 38 countries and territories in 2021. The SASMO team spends numerous hours meticulously developing contest papers that span both classroom and Olympiad math, with the support of the SASMO Advisory Council. Compared to pure Olympiad papers, this combined effort allows competitors to do better because they are comfortable with some questions and can put on their thinking caps for others, bringing out their inner mathematician.


SASMO is aimed at the top 40% of students and attempts to pique their interest in mathematical problem solving in order to promote mathematical intuition, reasoning, logical, creative, and critical thinking. SASMO contests aim to expand students' latent thinking talents by setting realistic and high requirements; their participation in SASMO will aid them in improving their classroom math skills as well as their higher-order thinking skills (HOTS).
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Global Final (Indonesia) Registration date has Extended

Last date is 10th October 2023

Dear valued students, schools and parents
This is to inform you that Uzma Rani and Rana Muhammad Saleem are no more working for ICA.

Also our contact and bank account details are changed.

Go to contact for details..