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The International Contests and Assessments (PVT) Ltd is an organization registered with the Government of Pakistan with a goal to become one of the most dynamic educational organizations in South Asian Region. ICA is in Collaboration with SIMCC (Singapore), together we create more commitment and interest in Education. ICA has the process of facilitating learning, or the realization of knowledge, skills, strategies, values and morals. ICA has unique methods of contests, training, discussion and research on Education reforms under International faculty. Students can take contests in their own institutions in formal settings and they can have experience, which has a formative effect on the students learning, thinking, and study skills.


Singapore International Mastery Contests Centre (SIMCC) is one of the largest math contests organizers in Singapore and Asia. We are committed to popularizing mathematics education through thinking games and competitions. These will allow students to interact, cooperate and build lasting bonds of friendship that transcend beyond borders.

Key Points

To Support individuals and Organization Within Pakistan in evaluating competencies across various educational domains through testing of an international standard for the purpose of education and Self Evaluation to guide learning and improvement at the individual level and increased accountability For Organizations.
To Establish ICA as an Organization providing premium testing of various subjects in Pakistan to Engage students and individuals learners as active colaborators on their own education, providing them opportunity to self evaluate their knowledge and compentencies, while also equipping schools teachers, professional insitution.
Approaching the student learner as an individuals and turning him or her into and equal subject of educational process. The wishes, Desires, knowledge and Skills of the students, learners must be conducted in this direction. It is personality that is main driving force of modern world and personality is nurtured through decisions.


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